StageCraft for Youth Workers

Develop advanced communication, presentation and facilitation skills for youth work, with an experienced team, combining approaches such as theatre, comedy, storytelling, psychology, sociology, education, music, social and creative community work.

21-29 November 2023 | Hof, Germany

"StageCraft for Youth Workers"  is the 4th edition, funded by the Erasmus+ programme and promoted by the German NGO BeASILY UG, of a training format on advanced communication, presentation and facilitation skills development, targeting primarily youth and social workers and educators. The project is a 7 days residential training which combines approaches such as theatre, comedy, storytelling, psychology, sociology, education, music, social and creative community work.

The project will take place in Hof, Germany, from the 21st to the 29th of November 2023 (travel days included). It will involve 31 participants and 4 trainers from 10 different European countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey).

The Objectives of this Training Course

To develop awareness and build on a greater understanding of the presentation, communication and engagement skills and experiences of youth workers.

To identify and realise the opportunities to put the skills developed into practice.

To gain a greater awareness of the theory behind “Stagecraft” taken from the fields of psychology, sociology, education, theatre and creative community (comedy, music and drama).

To explore and understand the effects of effective presentation and engagement with an audience of young people and in the role of youth worker.

To follow the recognition pathways offered through Youthpass and the ETS YW framework of competences.

To explore the opportunities for realising their youth work potential through Erasmus+ and develop future collaborations.

A Word on the Approach

The course seeks to develop what we think are the advanced skills - sometimes neglected - of being able to use the environment, our physiology, our body language and the content of our message to make our youth work even more effective. We will draw from applied psychology and from skills-sets used in theatre by professional presenters and comedians, to make the training diverse and exciting.

Participants will have opportunities to reflect on the fact that - as well as expensive and ubiquitous technology - there are many other resources and skills we can use to keep young people engaged, and develop effective relationships with them. Our course will be highly interactive, we will apply each methodology on the spot, and participants will have many chances to challenges themselves in and out of their comfort zones to develop new awareness and skills. Be prepared for some real Stagecraft thrills!

The Trainers

Buzz Bury
United Kingdom

Carmine Rodi Falanga

Czechia / Italy

Mafalda Morganti

Steve Burns
United Kingdom