What we do

Beasily is a creative organisation, founded and based in Germany. We work nationally and internationally with young people and those working creatively with young people through the arts to realise a range of music, theatre and creative engagement projects.

We aim to inspire, empower and enable artists young and old to be themselves and find pathways for creative expression and creativity.

Founded in 2012 Beasily has grown and developed through rich artistic collabaorations which helped deliver and facilitate many different music and arts activities in different countries and create lasting connections and friendships across different continents.

Today Beasily is a young adult led organisation supported by an experienced team of creative practitioners, youth workers and international trainers. We support and empower young people and young adults to realise proactive creative social action. We seek to find creative and different ways to promote civic engagement, responsible citizenship and social entrepreneurship. Our target group is young people 18-25 in or out of education and employment but resident in Germany. 

We also offer support and professional development opportunities for artists actively working in realising creative opportunities with young people in Germany. Through our membership network for artists we create international learning and development opportunities. Offering professional support and guidance in working with young people.

We support and empower people to realise positive social action

We believe in the power of music, drama and creativity

We provide spaces and places to be creatively proactive

We are informed and led by young people

We are inspired by independent action 

We seek to find creative and different ways to promote civic engagement, responsible citizenship and social entrepreneurship. 

Beasily: Be Empowered, Artistic, Strong, Inspired & Love Yourself!

Who We Are


Rebecca is currently studying for her Master's degree in International and Intercultural Social Work.

She has been working full-time and voluntarily in international youth work projects and European political education for a few years.  

She has experience in implementing national and international youth encounters, as well as digital youth work formats.

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​Nicole likes reading trashy novels by Lübeck's sea in Germany. There she is studying computer science and design.

As a volunteer youth worker she worked for Streetlife in Blackpool, UK, and helped provide emergency services for young people aged 16 and 25. She enjoys learning from people of all walks of life.

Responsible for web design, and web development she likes to brainstorm, solve problems and to work in groups. 

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Buzz Bury (UK) is a professionally qualified and experienced Youth & Community worker and an international youth work trainer. Buzz sees himself as a ‘creative meddler’ using art and creativity to engage and inspire others to become the best creative person they can. He is a UK Arts Award practitioner as well as a trainer and moderator. He likes to co-create and explore creative avenues for bringing peoples intercultural narratives and stories to wider audiences. He is a World Music DJ and also a writer and contributor for Songlines Music Magazine. 
His international experience has mainly been through the European Youth Programme where he is now strongly established as a freelance trainer and facilitator. He has worked for both independent youth organisations as well as SALTO’s and National Agencies and is also one of the founding members of the ‘International Youth Work Trainers Guild.

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Steve is the founder of Coyote Initiatives CIC. He is a trainer, project manager, creator, youth worker and music maker with over 20 years experience. 
Originally a professional DJ & Music Producer, Steve moved into youth work using music as a tool to engage young people with fewer opportunities in Leicester, UK. 
Upon moving to Scotland in 2005, he developed youth, music & film work across the north of Scotland and nationally, working with a wide range of creative, 3rd sector and government organisations. 
In 2009 Steve started to work in Erasmus as a Project Coordinator, and soon became a trainer, completing the Salto ToT in 2013-14. Following this Steve has become a prolific trainer within Erasmus, partnering with many organisations across Europe and beyond. 
In 2016 he started Coyote Initiatives, along with Beasily founder Ollie Clubb, and DJ partner Courtney King and has designed and delivered training courses through Coyote from 2016-2023.

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Ollie (UK) is an international community music specialist with a vast amount of experience of working with children, young people and communities in playing music and co-creating songs with meaning. Ollie has lived and worked in Germany for nearly 20 years and worked in Ecuador teaching young people languages through singing and song writing. Ollie brings music empathy in his approach of sharing knowledge and skills and empowering people to create without judgement.

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Matthias is co founder and Managing Director. He is a passionate patron of the arts and investor in young people and education. Matthias is CEO of  icompetence.de und galeriepostel.de

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Stefan - Bonsai - Lehner has over 15 years experience in youth work and arts projects gained in management positions for the Landkreis-Jugendarbeit und des Kreisjugendringes Kulmbach. He is a specialist in event management and sound engineering and a guitarist and bassist in DIEBAND

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  • Music composition, production and publishing.
  • Sound Therapy.
  • Music & Theater Education.
  • Consulting & Project Management.